Fiat ⇾ Smart Race Autoshow

Fiat Smart Race is an interactive slot car racing game presented at İstanbul Autoshow 2012.
We developed and created a multi player physical interface that can be controlled and played remotely by any smart phone. So anyone who is passing by could scan a QR code on their smart phones and instantly start racing with custom made vertical slot car including Fiat Panda and Fiat 500.

We started by building the track and environment from scratch then implemented the custom built mechanics and electronics infrastructure to run the whole system. HTML based simple slider interface designed to sync and drive the cars. Game rules were simple enough as obeying the traffic rules. Players had to drive according to the speed limits on the track to have the best score in 60 seconds. A live scoreboard was also installed on the track so players were able to see how they are doing while racing.

Remote connections were handled over WiFi by a php web service which passes the information to our Arduino Mega installed inside the track to drive the cars.






Interaction Design
UI / UX Design