Türkiye İş Bankası ⇾ Tilt Machine

We’ve created a motion tracking enabled, physical tilt game for Türkiye İş Bankası. Idea was to let people experience how easy it is to use bank’s mobile application for online banking just with a simple gesture.

Coin based game starts with a 1 Turkish Lira, after a coin inserted, one has to stand in the marked place and raise hand. When Kinect sensor acknowledges the person, a countdown begins and new “game coin” gets released from the slot to top left path. Goal is to get the coin through all the banking operations which are Money Transfer, Investment and Saving. We named these three as gates and each gate had its own attitude. If a coin slides into money transfer, another coin releases from opposite side or if it slides into investment gate, it spits out two coins to go on with. In the end users win the game when both coins slides into savings gate. Eventually the coin acceptor releases the initial real coin user inserted to start the game.

Overall it was another challenging project. As we needed to control single axis motion of a structure in realtime, we installed a 12 Nm industrial stepper motor coupled with 1:100 reduction gear right in the centre of structure origin. Rotating part was about 2 meters high, 1 meter wide and weigh around 180 kilograms.

We had 10 Hitec servos running together to control all 6 flags, 3 coin release slots and the coin acceptor’s real coin slide out channel. Two units of 25 rpm dc motors used for the propellers and 1500 neopixel led’s running on four led micro controllers. In total there were three Arduino Uno and one Arduino Mega used to control the whole electro mechanical system. Microsoft Kinect was used for the real time motion tracking technology as physical controlling interface.

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